haiku from the journey

across years of adventures in the forgetten realms and beyond

why are some of these not 5-7-5? and what does "following" mean?

warm in a pack now
familiar too familiar
with elven bread

cushion, incense, blood
so much preparation
for nothing to happen

 - following Margaret Chula

outside—frigid winds blast
I pry a ring from the duergar
still and warm

swaying in the heat
the dragon-bone chimes breathe
another song

shadow chased by sun
— I wonder if the obelisk gets bored
by night

just a knucklehead
the Frostmaiden trembles
on Maer Dualdon

 - following Christopher Herold

fog finally clears
our new friend & Van Richten
nowhere to be seen

at year’s end
I burn the grey illithid
with only one eye

 - following Margaret Chula

axe high with a grin
the orc howls and charges
past morning glories

always bat guano on the back
of one hand

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